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I order a bouquet of sympathy flowers after hearing about the death of a dear family friend. I paid an express fee so the flowers could be delivered the next day. Unfortunately, they were not delivered as promised, so I contacted Bloomex and they told me they would be delivered that day (24 hrs late). They refunded the express delivery fee after I asked them to. However, this was not the worst of it. When the bouquet of flowers arrived the husband of the deceased could not tell what they were because they were in an enclosed box. He opened the box to find 10 stems of squashed & wilted flowers (I ordered 30 stems). He could not even put them in a vase because the stems were broken and they could not stand up. Therefore, he threw them straight in the bin. In addition, there was no card in the box. I paid for a full size card and wrote a message for the family but they never received my message. The only thing they found was a receipt with my name on it. This is how they knew that the flowers were from me. A week later when I visited the family they told me to seek a refund because the flowers were so bad they had to put them straight in the bin. Do you think Bloomex care? Not a ***! They say I have to provide photos of the damaged flowers for them to refund my money. How was I to know that the flowers would arrive dead and then think to ask a grieving family to take photos on the day of their loved one's funeral? The embarrassment I felt when the family told me about the flowers was indescribable. Unfortunately, Bloomex have no sympathy and the people that work there are heartless. Flowers are to help grieving families & let them know we care not make them feel worse. Asking for photos is a ploy from Bloomex so that they don't have to refund our money. They know how bad their service is and would not make any money if they keep refunding, so they tell you that you have to provide photos per their refund policy, to ensure they never have to pay anyone back. Even the Office of Fair Trading cannot force them to refund our money. Well they will be in for a rude shock as I plan to take them to court. If anyone is interested in a class action against Bloomex please reply to my comment and I will include you in my case. These people need to be stopped!!!!

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I’m probably to late to this. But I too had a nightmare and would love to shut them down


I’m interested too! I could just repeat all of the above because I’ve had the same experience.I see that these posts came out in 2016. I’d be interested to know what happened?Thanks


Hi I am definitely interested. Thinking the same.

All credit card companies should refuse to deal with them on their customers behalf.

My own horror story was this Christmas. Late 7 days....poor flowers and the white wine and cheese basket was in a dollar store cheese but dollar store crackers. This is outright theft.

Plus they billed me twice.

They said they would cancel the charges but haven't. I am so pi.....

Quakers Hill, New South Wales, Australia #1244788

Hello, yes I would be interested in joining a class action against Bloomex. The website is misleading!

Which according to the ACCC website this is NOT allowed. I saw some flowers that I liked, clicked add to cart, was prompted with what delivery date and I chose and paid for same day delivery for an extra $25! Called days later to ask where the flowers are at to be told 'those' flowers are only delivered Tues-Fri is written in the fine print. I never clicked on the flowers to see this fine print.

I just clicked add to cart and was never told these 'terms and conditions'.

Calling them multiple times was an absolute nightmare with a 'manager' who wouldnt give there last name to us and said that senior management wont talk to customers. This company needs to be taken down after seeing how many other customers have the exact same problems.

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