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First time user of Bloomex and definitely the last. I've ordered the "super love combo" for my wife's birthday and scheduled a delivery on Saturday between 12PM and 5PM. I had contacted customer service right after my order went through for a few questions regarding delivery and I already had a bad feeling. The service was rushed and you could tell they didn't want to help. Anyway, as long as I receive my flowers, that's all that mattered.

On that Saturday, I came up with an excuse to not leave the house between 12-5PM so my wife is present to receive the delivery. It was tough as my whole family wanted to go out but I never knew when the flowers would arrive. Anyhow, I somehow managed to keep them home but as the time drew closer to 4h30PM, I had a feeling my flowers weren't coming. I contacted Bloomex through their phone line. Waited and waited to eventually be told it was too busy so I had to leave a message. Did so by giving my contact info and waited. No one was calling back. I even went online to their chat and somehow managed to speak to someone. From the first "Hello, how may I help you", there would be 20 minutes between me explaining the situation and them responding. The only response was after I said: "Is someone there?" and then, I got told to be patient. Anyway, the person told me they would contact the delivery service and would get back to me. Waited... and no answer. Called back, same voice mail issue. The flower were supposed to come with a card where I had spent nearly hours writing it which would explain that I was inviting her to one of the fanciest restaurant we've ever been... sadly, the flowers never came, so did the card. So, I had to explain to my wife the whole situation and we went to the restaurant unhappy about this whole event. Back from the restaurant, I went on the chat once again and got told that a manager would contact me back.

I waited days until someone would contact me (as they were supposed to, they had said so) but no call came. Customer service couldn't care less about my order being screwed and now I have to fight to get my money back as I've been charged from the day of the order (not the delivery date.)

Please, consider shopping elsewhere if you want flowers online. I ended up going to the local florist after this whole experience and now, I want to make sure one doesn't order from this company as they are unreliable and they simply do not care about customer service. It's basically your problem if your order doesn't get delivered and at best, you'll get a refund. At worst, you'll fight to get your money back and this will be the end of it. From such a big company, I never expected anything as such... For a first time experience, this will definitely be the last and hopefully people will read my experience and will spread the word. In the end, you ARE the customer. Your power relies on where you shop and if you contribute to such a bad business practice, you'll end up giving them a few more years of business and possibly many unhappy customers until the company finally goes bankrupt; where they actually belong.

Bloomex: if you're reading this, you should seriously google your company name and read the thousands of customer complains regarding your services and do something about it. You cannot expect customers to shop at your store by doing such a shady practice.

Review about: Bloomex Flowers Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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